Snippy command line commands always must include content operation and category. Content operation is one of the six basic operations and the category can be snippet or solution. The content category is snippet by default. Metadata attached to the content allows adding brief description of the content, single group to which the content belongs, list of tags to assist search operations and a list of links for more information about the content.

Snippy tool outputs always OK after successful operation and NOK with a failure string in case of failure. You can use debug option with the command to investigate possible problems. For more detailed troubleshooting instructions, please refer to the development section.

The workflow chapter contains use cases and examples.


The tool is used by the author in Linux environment. There is an edit functionality with editor that always assumes vi editor. This limitation can be circumvented by using text based templates to import content or command line options in case of snippets.


The default content is provided “as is” basis without warranties of any kind.


Snippy can be run as a server. In this case you must access the content through a REST API with same principles as from command line.